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eNewLeaf is an ideal online fitness tool for both you and your client to track fitness progress. Your client can view their assessment results and reports, check their heart rate zones, track calories burned, and keep tabs on their calendar of personalized workout programs. They can log their workouts manually online, or they can upload heart rate monitor data (eNewLeaf works with most monitors).

Clients also have a direct email link to you so they can get professional fitness feedback on their comments, questions, and concerns. So whether your clients take their workouts on the road, or have strayed from the cardio equipment for just a little too long, you can stay in touch with them about their progress.

As a fitness professional, you have access to everything your client sees at eNewLeaf, plus a set of online fitness tools all your own: Create group challenges for your clientele or your entire club. Set up workout programs. Stay connected with your clients, by tracking their progress and communicating with them via web-based messaging.

You and your client get the benefit of eNewLeaf for 12 months. That allows you, the assessment administrator, to provide your client with unlimited follow-up assessments within that year.